Skye P. Marshall -
Skye P. Marshall was born on October 21st in Chicago, Illinois to Dr. John Marshall, MD and Patricia Marshall (teacher). Growing-up in Maryland and Virginia, Skye was already a compulsive performer, re-enacting movie scenes, TV commercials and shows such as “In Living Color” for her friend’s and family's amusement.
Skye studied ballet, gymnastics, and jazz throughout her childhood, and at the age of 12, Skye’s family moved back to Chicago where she continued her training with the cities top hip-hop/jazz theatre dance companies, performing in shows all over Chicago and state of Illinois.
At the age of 19, Skye enlisted in the U.S. Air Force and was stationed at Nellis AFB, Las Vegas, NV. In Las Vegas, she heeded her true calling when she beat more than 8,000 college students from across the U.S. to be apart of the principal cast in the New Line Cinema feature film "The Real Cancun." Skye made her national movie theater debut Spring 2003. Although the film offered her many opportunities to fulfill her ultimate dream of being a full-time actress, Skye was determined to finish her goal of earning a college degree.
Skye graduated with honors in May 2007 earning a Bachelor of Arts in Communication, Media & Theatre (CMT Program) from Northeastern IL University. Following her graduation, Skye moved to New York City. While working corporate during the day, in the evenings she attended acting training at Stella Adler Studio along with dance classes at The Broadway Dance Center to fine tune her skills and better prepare herself for the big move from NYC to LA October 2009.
Like bees to honey, her passion for the arts is more than attraction, it’s an addiction. And like a fiend to its fix, she just can't get enough!

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